Sprint #3 Retrospective

https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/58 The card I created for adding rabbitmq to docker compose https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/backend/-/issues/8 The card I created for adding message sending to the backend This sprint not much worked well for me, mostly because of outside forces unrelated to the class. I simply was not able to put as much time and effort in as IContinue reading “Sprint #3 Retrospective”

Sprint #2 Retrospective

https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/34 This is the card I made about meeting for the event system cross cutting team. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/44 This card was for deciding the message format we would use. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/43 This card was to learn how to use rabbitmq with docker. This sprint was not significantly better than the first for me, at least in termsContinue reading “Sprint #2 Retrospective”

Kindred Spirits

The apprenticeship pattern I chose this week is “Kindred Spirits”. According to this pattern, you may find yourself in a workplace that does not encourage software craftsmanship. In the absence of a mentor, you should find like-minded people who are also looking to become software craftsmen. Unlike mentors who are people you aspire to beContinue reading “Kindred Spirits”

Concrete Skills

This week I chose to look at the “Concrete Skills” pattern. This pattern explains that you need concrete skills to be able to get a job and contribute to the team you are joining. Concrete skills mean discrete abilities you can demonstrate using specific technologies. Something like understanding and being able to apply a certainContinue reading “Concrete Skills”

CS448 Retrospective Blog #1

https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/8 Here I put links for tutorials and relevant articles for learning MongoDB. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/27 This card shows I was allocated to the event system cross-cutting team. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/16 This is a card I created for learning how to connect the backend to mongoDB. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/guestinfosystem/community/-/issues/18 This card is for an example mongoDB project. Our first sprint wasContinue reading “CS448 Retrospective Blog #1”

Apprenticeship Patterns Post #1

Coming into my final semester of college I was filled with an impending sense of doom. At the end of high school, I knew where I was going. Now I suddenly am thrust into the world of working adults; four years squandered trying to meet deadlines and maintain a GPA instead of earnestly absorbing myContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns Post #1”

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