Sprint #3 Retrospective The card I created for adding rabbitmq to docker compose The card I created for adding message sending to the backend This sprint not much worked well for me, mostly because of outside forces unrelated to the class. I simply was not able to put as much time and effort in as IContinue reading “Sprint #3 Retrospective”

Sprint #2 Retrospective This is the card I made about meeting for the event system cross cutting team. This card was for deciding the message format we would use. This card was to learn how to use rabbitmq with docker. This sprint was not significantly better than the first for me, at least in termsContinue reading “Sprint #2 Retrospective”

Breakable Toys

This week I looked at the pattern “Breakable Toys”. According to this pattern you have to fail at least as much as you succeed. The problem with the workplace is that failure is not supposed to happen, so if you want to learn you have to do it on your own time. You can doContinue reading “Breakable Toys”


After taking a quick look at JaCoCo in class I wanted to learn a bit more about it. This article is an introduction to using JaCoCo and gives some good examples. The article explains that when you write tests there are some criteria to consider: “ We want to make sure that the parts ofContinue reading “JaCoCo”

Code Reviews

This week I wanted to learn a little more about code reviews. As first I thought, “Yeah code reviews just get someone to look at your code isn’t that common sense?”. After looking into it more I learned code reviews have a lot of benefits that you might not think of. Code reviews share knowledge.Continue reading “Code Reviews”

Reading List

This week I took a look at the pattern “Reading List”. According to this pattern, you should keep a list of books that you intend to read. By making a list of the books you have read and the are going to read, you give yourself an easy way to reflect on your own patternsContinue reading “Reading List”

Expose Your Ignorance

This chapter’s opening quote was a very insightful one for me. It says: ” Tomorrow I need to look stupider and feel better about it. This staying quiet and trying to guess what’s going on isn’t working so well.” The whole point of this chapter is that there are going to be times when youContinue reading “Expose Your Ignorance”

Integration Testing

This week I wanted to look at integration testing. Most projects have multiple components coded by different programmers. The purpose of integration testing is to expose any defects in the way these components interact with each other. It is sometimes called ‘I & T’ (Integration and Testing), ‘String Testing’, or ‘Thread Testing’. Integration testing isContinue reading “Integration Testing”

Kindred Spirits

The apprenticeship pattern I chose this week is “Kindred Spirits”. According to this pattern, you may find yourself in a workplace that does not encourage software craftsmanship. In the absence of a mentor, you should find like-minded people who are also looking to become software craftsmen. Unlike mentors who are people you aspire to beContinue reading “Kindred Spirits”


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