Sprint #3 Retrospective


The card I created for adding rabbitmq to docker compose


The card I created for adding message sending to the backend

This sprint not much worked well for me, mostly because of outside forces unrelated to the class. I simply was not able to put as much time and effort in as I wanted to. Most of the sprint was spent working on figuring out the messaging system. I was able to send and receive messages locally. What I was not able to do was send messages to other computers. I am pretty sure if I kept working on it I would have gotten it eventually; I found many solutions online that I did not get to try yet. 

That does not mean everything went poorly though. Something that did work well was transitioning between the two teams. This sprint I worked more with the event system so I had to meet with Derin and Rainiery more often. It was really easy to get the team together because discord is made to do that. If we were using zoom for class meetings it would have been a lot more difficult. 

I think my team did well this sprint. Marcos and Tim were able to do a lot of work on the front end and while it did not get where we wanted it to be we still got far. This sprint I think David was able to do a lot really fast and because of that he was able to start working on the integration portions. Cam was a lot like me in that he did a lot of work outside of our system with the IAM team. 

Even though this was our last sprint, there are a lot of things I can do to improve. The improvements may not be for the next sprint (there isn’t one), but they will be things for me to carry into my career. Time management is a huge thing I need to work on. Expecting to be able to do a ton of things all in one day just does not make sense. This sprint and this class really taught me that I can only be productive for a few hours at a time. Anything after that is probably wasted. It’s better to let a bunch of short work sessions add up. I also need to make sure I do a little bit every day. It is more efficient and I forget less if I minimize time in between work sessions. 

As a team, if we were to work together again I would want us to communicate more. I think David and Tim both were looking for more work to do during the sprint. I should have asked them for help with rabbitmq. We could have sent mock messages to each other and probably would have figured out the messaging system a lot faster. When I got stuck I also could have taken a step back and helped out with some other parts of the system, maybe doing something like helping test out the front end. That would have helped me clear my mind but it also would have helped make sure the front end worked for when we demoed it.  

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