Sprint #2 Retrospective


This is the card I made about meeting for the event system cross cutting team.


This card was for deciding the message format we would use.


This card was to learn how to use rabbitmq with docker.

This sprint was not significantly better than the first for me, at least in terms of productivity.  Something that worked a little better than last time was adding details to cards. Last sprint I used the cards very little, if at all. I mostly added links to cards with no explanations. This time I added explanations for the cards’ purpose and updated them (at least the meeting card was updated).

Many things also did not work well this time. Because I did not join the event cross cutting team until this sprint, I had no idea I would be working with RabbitMQ. This sprint a lot of time was spent learning about it. That probably should have been done during Sprint 1. I also just did not do as much work as I should have or wanted to do. It was a little tough having to coordinate between two teams as well. I felt like I was neglecting my original team as I worked with the event system team. The even system team if really more like two pairs though with Rainiery and I trying to coordinate with the reporting system separately to send messages to them.

As a team I think we did really well, or at least the rest of my team did really well. Adding Cameron did not disrupt our workflow at all, and he meshes really well with us. I also feel like he brings a lot to the table and is just a really smart and cool teammate in general. We are able to communicate what we need with from each other well too. Like when Tim would show us and keep us updated with the mock front end design. We were able to give some input as to what we thought needed to be changed or what we thought was working well. We were generally just on the same page and I was very satisfied with my team for this sprint.

As an individual, first and foremost I should contribute more to my team. While I do not feel like I was holding anyone back, I do not feel like I was adding anything to the team. I understand we are all working on separate systems, but I do not think I did much to move our team forward. I also should have kept my team updated better on what we were doing in the event system so we could plan ahead for sending messages from our back end. Personally being able to communicate better with everyone is something I have to work on.

Overall, while this sprint was not my best performance, it was one filled with a lot of progress of my team as whole and at the end of the day that is what is more important. I am part of a team and we have a task to accomplish. I should be a part of accomplishing that task and sharing the load equally with everyone else.

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